Quality Assurance

Norpac takes pride in their bright, clean and employee-friendly facility.

Upon entering the holding cooler, all sides are physically selected by the Norpac primal manager according to customer specifications. This ensures that all Norpac beef products meet the customer's expectations.

Cattle are all numbered upon entry, which allows for easy tracking throughout the processing procedure. Cattle are also manually de-hided which provides for a smooth and consistent presentation.


Norpac is the only large processor that uses the shrouding process to ensure enhanced quality. Beef sides are shrouded throughout the cooling process. This not only enhances the carcass presentation but also provides a more visually appealing final cut product.

Unlike most other packers who use water during the chilling process, Norpac still uses the old-fashioned air-chilled method. Although this causes

extra shrinkage at an incurred cost to Norpac, the resulting product yields better, creates less purge and lasts longer in primal form benefiting Norpac's customers.


Norpac prides itself on its close attention to detail and quality control at this stage of production. All beef is hand cut to ensure a nicely trimmed product, resulting in a higher retail yield and palatability.

All Norpac boxed beef is vacuum-sealed for additional aging and customer convenience. The product is then sent to a shipping cooler where orders are assembled according to customer needs.

Value-Added Products

Norpac is also proud of its value-added programs, which include grade A/AA/AAA ground beef patties and sausages, as well as its signature product: hand cut AAA steaks produced from the finest Ontario corn-fed beef.

Featured Cuts

  • Tenderloin
  • Full Striploin
  • Striploin Steak
  • Corn Beef Brisket
  • Sweet Pickeled Cornmeal Pork Backs
  • Hamburger Patties (2 - 8 oz patties)
  • Sausage (all beef, pork and beef/pork)(5 & 10lb boxes)
  • All Beef Franks (454g package)
  • Beef Jerky (75g package)


Norpac is HACCP approved. Norpac takes pride in meeting and exceeding all industry standards and is currently operating s a AA rated provincially inspected facility.