Philosphy On Cattle

We take pride in selecting only the very best cattle worthy of bearing the Norpac name. Norpac primarily chooses exotic cattle such as limousine and Belgian Blue. These cattle are high yielding, lean animals that produce a consistently tender product. These breeds can also be crossed with Angus in order to increase marbling of the loin eye to satisfy specialty markets. Emerson Gill, cattle buyer, and Matt Heleniak, VP/cattle buyer, use their extensive experience and training to select only the fines and most humanely raised cattle for the Norpac brand.


Raising The Cattle

All of the cattle that Norpac selects are 100% Canadian in origin. These cattle have spent the majority of their time on grass pastures with their respective herds. After spending 12-14 months under these conditions the cattle are then moved to our very comfortable barns where they enter our finishing program.


Secret Custom Finishing Feed for the Norpac & Cornfed Brands

Richard Heleniak along
with Dr David Price,
a well-known cattle
nutritionist, created a
custom-made, vegetarian
pellet ration designed to be
fed with a whole-corn base. The
pellets are scientifically formulated
to include essential vitamins and minerals, locally grown corn and the

necessary roughage for
healthy growth. This ration is
made available to all Norpac
cattle by the preferred method
of feeding: free choice,
24 hours a day.

Norpac makes every effort to
support local producers when purchasing
feed inputs.

Cattle Handling/Husbandry

Cattle on Feed

Norpac feeds approximately 4,000 heads per year. All cattle are raised in well-ventilated, roomy and bright barns on a straw pack to enhance individual animal health. These cattle are checked a minimum of twice daily to ensure overall herd health and satisfaction.

Processing / Handling

Norpac takes great pride in keeping their cattle in a low stress environment prior to processing. Upon arrival, cattle are offered free-choice water and feed and are kept in holding pens that

are heavily bedded with clean straw. Cattle must arrive at the Norpac facility at least 15 hours prior to processing. This allows the cattle to relax, which results in a more tender beef product. Adherence to these protocols provides a positive energy for the cattle, which is the foundation of the Norpac business model.


Since 1954, the name Norwich Packers has been synonymous with the production of high quality, Ontario beef. Our mission has been to provide consistently tender and healthy beef products.