Family Farmed

Hormone & Antibiotic Free Program

Since 1954, the name Norwich Packers has been synonymous with the production of high quality, Ontario beef. Our mission has been to provide consistently tender and healthy beef products. So when Norpac summoned its farmers to create a superior Family Farmed beef, they did not disappoint. Not only did we create a hormone and antibiotic free product, but we were also able to do so without compromising any of the superior flavour and tenderness that you have come to expect from the Norpac brand.

Norpac Family Farmed Beef is a program that looks to rebuild the producer, customer relationship. The trend towards large corporate entities dominating the retail food sector has led to a compromise in quality and personal service. The goal of the Norpac Family Farmed program is to rebuild customer trust and provide enhanced service. To achieve out goal, we have enlisted the help of small family run beef farms along with selective retail stores and restaurants.

In order to be called Norpac Family Farmed Beef, cattle have to meet stringent guidelines. Age, source and breed must be verified before they can become Norpac certified. Our certification process ensures that only the finest quality cattle are selected.

All of our Family Farmed cattle must be fed only the highest quality feed available. This feed must be antibiotic free, 100% vegetarian and properly balanced to ensure the animals receive all the nutrients they require.

Once the cattle have met these requirements, Norpac then visually selects only the cream of the crop to fit into the Family Farmed Beef program. After all, why should our customers settle for anything less?


  • Injectable antibiotic free
  • No growth hormones
  • 100% vegetarian diet
  • Locally raised
  • Reduced stress
  • Consistently tender
  • High quality
  • Source verified
  • Age verified
  • Lean
  • Dry chilled
  • Farm monitored
  • Healthy