In August 2002, a local producer who owned a feedlot facility near the Norpac plant experienced a catastrophic fire that risked destroying his entire operation.


The rodeo takes place every year during the August long weekend. With an attendance of more than 3,000 people, the rodeo has now become

In order to save his animals, more than 300 head of cattle were released from the barn and into the surrounding countryside.

In a typical helpful Norpac style, Richard arranged for more than 40 cowboys to help with the roundup. The roundup was so popular with the local community that Richard, along with the local producer, decided to create an annual rodeo to unite the community and support a local service club.

an extremely popular fundraiser with proceeds going to the Norwich Lions Club.

Richard will always be remembered as a people person. The annual Norwich Rodeo is just one example where Richard had a vision to create goodwill within the community.

Who knew the rodeo would become such a success!


Norpac was the first producer to be featured on the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program and continues to be a strong supporter of corn-fed cattle.

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